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The Divine Remembering book

The Divine Remembering

Awakening To Your Soul’s Light
A book written in collaboration with The Divine Light Council

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The Inner Frontier - Voice America

The Inner Frontier

A weekly radio program on VoiceAmerica’s 7th Wave Channel, hosted by Darlene Green

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The Work

Live Your Soul’s Vision


Work With Darlene

Meet  Darlene Green

A leader in the movement of transformation and awakening consciousness, Darlene has been developing programs on living consciously since 1998.  In collaboration with the Divine Light Council she writes from the perspective of living authentically from our true divine nature.

“This is a process of returning to our innate wisdom.  As we remember our true divine nature,  we have the opportunity to choose powerfully and create our lives from the highest perspective possible.  The result is a life experience with greater joy, peace, abundance, freedom, beauty, connection.”

Darlene is a Scribe.  Meaning she translates streams of light and consciousness in to form through her writings.  She connects with the Divine Light Council, present since childhood.  The book, The Divine Remembering; Awakening to Your Soul’s Light, is a book in process, written in collaboration with The Divine Light Council.

The Divine Light Council is comprised of many thousands of light beings, present at this time in the evolution of consciousness to support the living of a life fulfilled from the deepest soul full expression possible.

The Work: A Letter To You From The Divine Light Council »

Darlene Green

Remember • Inspire • Transform




May 2016 – Notes From the Light - he space you are looking for; the peace, the centeredness, the connection, is first in your quiet, in your stillness.  From that point, the wisdom may flow. And you are moved farther from the reflexes of daily life in to the inner knowing that has the influence over your now ...
May 2016 – A Message From The Divine Light Council - What we would most clearly want to communicate to you at this time is “This world is your oyster.”  You have infinite opportunity to manifest.  There are infinite ways in which to utilize your creative juices.  As you have entered into the new unity consciousness where you are living from ...
Look who is on the Wall of Fame! - It is official!  The Inner Frontier is now on the “Wall of Fame” at the VoiceAmerica studios.   Tremendous thank you to Randall Libero, Senior Executive Producer VoiceAmerica for all the support.  What a beautiful journey. 
April 2016 – A Message From The Divine Light Council - The first concept we have this month is about experiencing the natural flow of the universe. In a 3D reality, with the experience of fear and separation consciousness, there is a natural holding on. The experience of holding on has as its essence, fear and survival. It is deeply rooted ...
April 2016 – Notes From the Light - You ask of drama? When the inner experience is one of chaos; likened to the pendulum swinging wildly from one side then the other, the external experience must follow. The life of chaos is an outer reflection of an inner reality. On one hand the chaos may feel familiar, because ...




A Life Inspired - On this first live edition of The Inner Frontier, host Darlene Green welcomes special guests, Sheila and Marcus Gillette. Guiding us through the most profound shift in consciousness and spiritual awakening ever before experienced on our planet are the consortium of twelve archangels collectively known as THEO. Speaking through world ...
Darlene’s Inaugural Show! - I am so excited to have recorded my first show with Voice America! I invite you to listen to The Inner Frontier and I welcome all of your feedback, thoughts and questions! Find Your Brilliance With a New Perspective February 18, 2016 Hosted by Darlene Green With all parts of ...
7th Wave Coming Soon – The Inner Frontier - I am honored to announce the beginning of a new program on VoiceAmerica’s 7thWave channel, hosted by me, Darlene Green.  The title of the program is “The Inner Frontier”.  The topics of discussion are about awakening consciousness. Beyond the busy-ness and patterns of daily living is the space where the ...