UPDATE:  In Service to Love group presentations and web classes will be developed.  The course will be based upon In Service to Love material as well as the new work that is present.  If you are interested in a  Zoom class or group presentation, please let me know.  Send me an email.

Three Classes Designed to Support Living Your Divine Truth

Class 1:  Beyond the Clouds of Perception

“What becomes possible when you view life through the lens of Love?  What becomes possible when you are seen in the brilliance of your own truth?” -The Council of Light

In this class you will be invited to your own empowerment, potency, joy and Love.  You are invited to view your Self beyond limitations.  Concepts and exercises offer a series of shifts in perspective in discovery of your own unique divine essence to live your greatest life Now.  The highest expression of authenticity.

You are offered meditation, concepts, exercises, energetic support and the presence of the Council of Light, in collaboration with Darlene.

Class 2:  Creating From Light; Foundational Concepts

The concepts discussed in this class offer an expanded structure from which to discover your own empowerment.  Are there any areas of your life that you feel stuck and not aligned with what your soul knows about you?  It is possible to live from your highest knowing Now in a way that makes a difference in your day.  With each new level of awareness, you find clarity to release the binds of limitation and move into the life that is yours to have.

You are offered meditation, concepts, exercises energetic support and the presence of the Council of Light in collaboration with Darlene.

Class 3: Living in Now

Your most potent expression is only available from the Now immaculate moment.  If you are living in the past or the future, your power is not fully accessed.  Your true creativity, wisdom and I AM presence may only be found Now.

You are offered meditation, concepts, exercises, energetic support and the presence of The Council of Light, in collaboration with Darlene.

“We invite you to your highest expression.  You have asked for the return to Love and we respond. We place upon the altar for your consideration an invitation to see your divine magnificence Now and bring that to bear in your day’s moments.  Not as an ideology or philosophy but as your divine essence expressed fully, beyond perceived limitations.  It is already who you are, not someone you become. As you say, “Yes,” we  meet you eye to eye, peer to peer and divine to divine. Beloveds, do you hear the calling of your soul?” -The Council of Light

General Note:  These classes will be offered live in a group setting in Seattle, Bellevue and Tacoma, Washington.  Refer to the schedule for specifics.  Bring a journal and pen to record insights, wear comfortable clothing and bring water.  This is a high frequency conversation appropriate for both the seasoned seeker as well as the beginner.  Although each class is complete, the classes are designed to be taken in sequence for greatest benefit.

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One-on-One Consultation

In your one-on-one experience, your questions and concerns are the focus.  Darlene offers a new perspective from which to create consciously in your life. The collaboration with The Council of Light brings a catalytic high frequency environment, in support of your unique path of expanding awareness.  When you request a consultation, you will be sent a form to complete that outlines the areas of focus prior to your conversation, so time may be used optimally.  Your Zoom call will be recorded for you. Email Darlene with your request to schedule.

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NOTE:  In person classes will be temporarily suspended.  The focus is moving toward group presentations and web based classes.  Check back for updated schedule.

Series: Raise Your Frequency; Follow the Voice of Your Soul


Reserve Seat


Reserve Seat


Reserve Seat


Class Series:  Raise Your Frequency; Follow the Voice of Your Soul

  • Class 1: Beyond the Clouds of Perception (3 hours) $45.00
    • Bellevue Location:

    • Tacoma Location:

  • Class 2: Creating From Light; Foundational Concepts (3 hours) $45.00
    • Bellevue Location:

    • Tacoma Location:

  • Class 3: Living in Now (3 hours) $45.00
    • Bellevue Location:

    • Tacoma Location:


Class Registration Note: In most cases payment will be with registration at the door. Class size is restricted to location capacity. To reserve your spot, email reservation location and date to  Class specific instructions may vary according to location and will be listed with the Schedule and include dates, times, location.

One-on-One Consultation $120/Hour


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