Notes from the Light

Notes From the Light are messages I receive from The Council of Light. They show up as words that wake me up in the middle of the night requesting to be written, and “pearls” to be strung together. -Darlene Green

JUNE 2019

“In Service to Love addresses an imbalance in life experience.  The collective consciousness that is pervasive is one that represents old ways of being.  Much of the pain within the physical experience reflects the separation that exists in consciousness between who you are, your perceptions and how you live.  You are on the precipice of a new world.  One that is in alignment with who you are as a divine expression of God. 

The purpose of our divine collaboration is to offer a new way of being that is in alignment with your innate divine expression and allows you to be in the physical experience in a way that is seamless.  Meaning that you access all of you, beyond limitations and live a life that is heart centered, and soul centered.  From the stance of your divine nature, you hold the light and Love that is you and bring your gifts and light to the world to be the unique expression of Love that you are.

The consciousness that drives many of the world’s most visible imbalances at this time is grounded in division and separation.  This applies to all areas of concern; environment, politics and humanitarian crisis.  In order to transform these issues, you are invited to move to a place where your best resides.  Your best resides beyond your perceived limitations and the consciousness of the past eras to a new space that is inhabited only in the Now moment, where you have available the vision to create from your highest expression.  You are already the answer.  When you align with your highest expression, your frequency is naturally at a level that is authentic for you, you hold the light of Love, and your presence transforms.  When you align with your divine truth, you hold space for collaboration of the highest form that brings heaven to earth and opens new avenues of possibility and ways of being.  You hold open the space of possibility that is divinely created.  When you align with the limited frequency and consciousness that is the reflection of the problem, there can be nothing more possible, beyond more of the same.  As you choose the “more” that resides beyond what you already know, you access the vast expanse of your being and the light of possibility.  The vibrating field of potential that is guided by the sacredness of being is catalyzed. 

What can be possible as you align with your divine nature?  Equally, what is no longer possible within the framework and pervasive presence of Love? 

The challenge is to BE the courage that is willing to see beyond what is taken for granted and then through your inspired moments, move into action and BE all that is for you to BE.

YOU are the light of the world.  Now what?  We remain, In Service to Love.” 

The Council of Light

APRIL 2019

Prayer of Abundance:  A potent prayer that aligns you with all that is yours to have.

“I allow Love’s abundance to reign over me.
Ever present to blessings, I stand in the light of Love and say, “Yes!”

Most people experience profound moments in life as a destination.  They bask in the beauty, love and appreciation of the moment without fully realizing the exquisite experience is but a key to your own eternal nature.  We invite you to a new perspective of those potent moments as an experience of discovery.  Revere in the divine expression that is you.  Beloved, it is you that is the gift.

As you move to the corners of your awareness, understand that life knows how to live.  You do not have to have all the answers.  As you place the qualities of light into definitions, there is something that is lost.  You have just tried to fit an elephant into a teacup.  As you embrace the expanse of you from the space of ownership, you allow the elephant to be the elephant and the teacup to be the teacup.  Each perfect in their own right.

MARCH, 2019

It is so easy to be lulled into the drugged state of unconsciousness.  Your world is moving rapidly and creates an ever-shifting array of distractions.  As the next technology, social movement, political event or stage in life calls for your attention, what is overlooked is the eternal light of Love that you are, which is the ultimate captain at the helm of your being.

When you begin to no longer be pulled into the lure of something new, you find the clarity that is present within your eternal nature.  The steady, vast perspective inherent to you, places everything else into focus and you begin to manage your life and well being from the space of your highest capacity.  This perspective offers not the temporary thrill of something new, but the deep inner assurance that provides cohesion and balance to all.  This is not an endeavor only for those that are interested in spirituality, but a solid perspective that  brings understanding and clear overview for anyone willing to move above the fray.  Learning to broaden perspective is a roadmap of clarity, Love and satisfaction in every area of life.

You have more control over your life, mental, emotional state and well being than you know.


How do you access your best?  Each moment, you release what you thought you knew and be willing to see something you have never seen before.  Move beyond the boundaries you have relied upon to see your true magnificence.


Not knowing, is a potent creative space.  As you hold the space of not knowing, open your awareness for clarity of vision to arise. Imagine yourself on a ladder above the level of your concern, issue or relationship difficulty. Rather than trying to figure it out, allow a new perspective to come to you organically.

In order to do this, hold faith in your own innate ability.  Who you are is greater than any perceived issue.