January 2016 – Notes From the Light

Published January 1, 2016

About Notes from the Light

The last two years especially, have been an accelerated process of my conscious connection with The Divine Light Council. As a part of the process I am awakened in the middle of the night with thoughts, ideas and concepts from the Council. Often prompted by the day’s events, the insights have been profoundly valuable to me. They make me smile, or be gently and clearly corrected in my thinking. In each instance I am returned to a sense of peace and wholeness, as I remember the larger picture of my being. Like you, I am Source in form. Many times, (last night included), I am huddled under the blankets, trying not to wake up my husband as I capture these thoughts on my cell phone. In the morning, I usually call my sisters to share, “You can’t believe what happened last night.”

It is with delight and gratitude I am honored to share these with you too:

January 6, 2016

Do you KNOW how to let go of the struggle?

You can’t do this on your own. You aren’t doing this on your own.

Because the experience of struggle is a habit, does not make it Truth.

BE EVERYTHING, including the struggle.

That’s how.


January 3, 2016

You are never alone. As part of The One, how could you be? The illusion is that you are operating your life on your own. It has never been true, especially at this auspicious moment of evolution. The ability to accept help, to be vulnerable, to be willing to not have to do it on your own anymore sets up another of the perspective shifts that will impact your life greatly. The vast divine support from the unseen is waiting patiently.

January 1, 2016

There are NO circumstances under which your connection is diminished to the divinity that is you. In a bad mood? Cleaning house? Working out? Working? Cooking? Up to your elbows in dirt as you toil in your garden? Your connection is always immaculate. Having a practice to support and develop your conscious remembering is helpful always, but not a condition. So, if you feel there are times when you can be present with your spiritual expression and times that you can’t, that would be a thought not in alignment with the truth of you. Your full awareness is a perspective shift away.

December 8, 2015

As you connect with your true divine nature you come face to face with love.

It is inevitable. Often the experience of love can only be experienced in the joy of having someone in your life with whom you choose to love. Love, the sacred divine expression of you has many facets. The love of Self is first. Often the love of someone else feels easier than looking at the brilliance of Self.

When you recognize your divinity, you BECOME the love. Not the actions of love. The actions are but a symptom. As you choose to be your Self, the radiance of love is cast around you. You emanate the radiance of love. You transform the environment.

Expand your view of love and live from THAT possibility. WOW! You are expansive beyond universes. Love is what radiates to the heavens. Not thoughts. It is the emanation of love.

We are love with you. We BE love. You BE love at your truest expression.