May 2016 – Notes From the Light

The space you are looking for; the peace, the centeredness, the connection, is first in your quiet, in your stillness.  From that point, the wisdom may flow. And you are moved farther from the reflexes of daily life in to the inner knowing that has the influence over your now moments.

Look to the Now moment to find your peace.

Look to the Now moment to find your joy.

Look to the Now moment to find your expression, freedom, creativity, compassion, voice, love….

We would ask that you reconsider the definition of good days and bad days.  A good day is considered an easy one that has you be in the space of joy and you feel connected.  There is a lightness to your day where all events seem to line up well.  A bad day is one where you are not feeling quite connected, not “firing on all cylinders” as it were.   What if you considered you are ALWAYS firing on all cylinders?  What if there really was nothing wrong?  The events that are not preferred are the ones that call you to be fully who you are.  They call you to a larger awareness.  It is a part of the contrast that is necessary.  It is the down to the up and the out to the in, the ebb to the flow.  As you push the events that are not preferred away from you, in fact you call more of that to you.  As a master creator you are always creating.  The only thing that changes is the space from which you create.  The space from which you create is the powerful perspective that influences and directs your creation.  So as you dwell on what is not working, you bring more; more disappointment, more lack, more overwhelm, more conflict.  Instead, in those moments of “life not working the way you want it,” move your attention towards choosing clarity, choose alignment, choose to see, choose love.  Choose a new perspective.

Gratitude is not conditional.  It is a way of being.

Know nothing.  As you place your knowing on the alter of your heart, you open to knowing everything.