May 2016 – A Message From The Divine Light Council

What we would most clearly want to communicate to you at this time is “This world is your oyster.”  You have infinite opportunity to manifest.  There are infinite ways in which to utilize your creative juices.  As you have entered into the new unity consciousness where you are living from your multidimensionality, you have the opportunity in every moment to discover the pearls of your creation.  Initiated through a grain of sand or an experience that was not wanted, uncomfortable, a pain, or a problem, you are creating the pearls of your soul expression.  Each pearl holds such beauty and a reminder of the divine being of light that you are.  We would ask you to consider discovering the pearls you have created throughout your experience.  As you begin to reframe the experiences of your life that were difficult in a new paradigm that honors them as an integral part of your life experience, you automatically reduce resistance and allow the brilliance of those moments to rise to the surface.  As you do, the clarity and wisdom inherent in the experience is available to you.  Nothing is ever wasted.  What if your difficult times of life were the times when your soul most had the opportunity to shine?

You are never NOT on your path.  There are times, moments, days, weeks months and even years where you may feel you have lost your way.  As the sun is never not shining, you are never not on your path.  You are never not in the perfect place.  As you begin to view your life events as soul evolutionary opportunities, it allows a new perspective to rise which reduces resistance to the right, the wrong and the judgments and honors you as a master creator being.

As you now choose to play from the perspective of living from your multidimensional awareness, there are new guidelines, new perspectives that are available.  You are adding a new layer of experience, complexity, expression, where your non-linear abilities may come to the fore as you create in your moments.  A remembering of your divine expression.

Everything is frequency.  Do your thoughts hold the same frequency of what you would like to manifest?  Choose your thoughts to be driven by who you choose to BE in your life experience.  Do you choose to BE love?  Peace?  Joy?  Compassion?  Creativity?  What is your natural expression?  Who you choose to be in the NOW moments of your life will then present the doing that will light your action steps.  In that way, your thought, word and deed will be a high frequency match.

As you begin to match your thoughts and actions in frequency consciously with what you choose to create in your life, your life will open up.  What may be gently revealed are all the new possibilities before you as well as the pearls you have already created.  Difficult moments of life then may be appreciated for their rich contribution.  As you recognize the richness of your past, it is folded into the whole and becomes rich soil for the choice of creations in the now moment.

For those moments when you feel you are lost, you have a sense of no longer being in sync with your guidance and your innate knowing, we are developing a new work as a reminder for what to do and how to restore high frequency to the moment.  Stringing the Pearls, Getting To Your Best!  A new work coming soon!

With love ever beaming brilliance,

The Divine Light Council