March 2016 – Notes From the Light

Published March 1, 2016

Your life is a prayer…what are you asking for?

The experience of stress takes into account all the conditions and events in your environment and deems them larger than you. This is simply an error in thinking. In the scenario of stress, the events become so out of proportion, there is a visceral experience in your body. What is missing is the acknowledgement of your capability; the acknowledgment of your mastery that is so great, you created the events you are complaining about.

What would happen if you choose to be surprised by the beauty of every day?

What if you expect today to be completely different from yesterday?

What if you saw yourself as so able and capable to handle anything that came down the pike you would be invigorated and enlivened for the experience?

What if you really remembered you are the master creator of your life?

What if you expect joy?

Expect Joy!

How great can you stand it? We suggest you consider the possibility of having all that you desire, all that you don’t even yet know you desire and know it is yours for the intending. As you expand your thoughts of what is possible, you set the space for the miraculous.