March 2016 – A Message From The Divine Light Council

Upleveling of Consciousness


Upleveling of Consciousness

In the process of awakening there is an experience of resistance as consciousness expands. It can be described as the difference between where you are and the next step before you. The space asks you to, again, move beyond experiences of the past and re-align with your true divine nature. This is an upleveling of consciousness. It is often experienced as a sense of the disquiet. A feeling of the old no longer fitting and the new is not yet seen.The experience can be likened to the movement of the tectonic plates of the earth. As the earth evolves, the pressure lines periodically need to release the strain that has been building and re-establish balance. An earthquake of sorts, restores a feeling of balance within your moving landscape of awareness. As you experience tension and disquiet in your expansion, call upon your guidance to support you. Remember, you are moving. There is nothing wrong even though your survival consciousness may be on alert. Move instead to the still point of wholeness. Like moving to the center of the storm, in the quiet core you are restored to peace. In the space of wholeness, fear meets love, right meets wrong, good meets bad, yin meets yang, heads meets tails and the polarities cancel each other out. In the gathering into the wholeness of the All, find the stillness, joy, beauty, abundance, peace, freedom and clarity you seek. In times of contraction and expansion there are opportunities to reintegrate at a new level. This is not a maintaining of the status quo, it is a movement into the next step of consciousness available.

More than surviving the change there is an embracing of the change. It is the ebb and flow of creation. The discovery that the world was not flat, went beyond the collective consciousness of that era. You are an explorer into a new world of awareness as well. You are opening to an exquisite expansive expression that has always existed. A paradigm shift is what is being offered. Settle into your new awareness with peace and grace from wholeness.

In The Light Of The All,
The Divine Light Council