January 2016 – A Message From The Divine Light Council

Why Choose This Path?  Choose this path of awakening because you choose this path to awakening. Choose this path to your soul’s light because you choose the joy and the remembering inherent in the journey.  Choose this path to you because you are inspired to do so, because you have an inner calling, because it is the deepest desire of your soul to do so.  At this time of transitional eras on the planet earth there may also arise a feeling of time running out, a feeling of impending end, a feeling of something coming, the disquiet of the unknown.  It is easy to follow mass consciousness into the fear space.  This journey is one made not to solve a problem, it is one made for the experience of a shift in consciousness.  Fear is a construct of separation consciousness and is no longer useful in determining action.  You have already felt the echo of past lifetimes and past experiences of separation consciousness.  As you choose to expand you will move through those constructs that were obstacles previously.  They are only mists of a past.  That was then.  The light and consciousness available in this NOW moment is different.  It is the light of unity consciousness.  The opportunity that lies before you is one that heralds a new consciousness that is possible at this time on earth.  You are a pioneer in this consciousness and are a visionary at the leading edge of remembering and knowing.  We hold space for you to remember and return to the table as the divine being of light that you are within your unique expression.  We see you and celebrate you in each moment.

Blessings in All,
The Divine Light Council