Wholeness, Your Vehicle for What is Next, February 2019

Our work together is all around a central theme.  The theme is wholeness.  As you incarnate into your physical form, your view becomes necessarily focused.  As you begin to engage in the process of enlightenment, that perspective or vantage point zooms out for a larger and more complete perspective.  One that encompasses a larger field of truth so that you are returned to your own sense of wholeness and what that understanding consequently allows to become possible.  It is only through the consideration of wholeness that you may employ your expansive expression in light to also become consciously at play in your physical experience.

There is necessarily a letting go of the myopic viewpoint of physicality that holds you limited in your expression.  As you release the binds of the collective consciousness you become free as you are then informed by your “fully-lightened” self.  It is at this point that your actions, frequency and alchemical nature are catalyzed into expression.  This is the presence of the I AM.  This is the embodiment of you as your light self.  This is your fully conscious expression being present in the Now moment.

Every time you realize your thinking is too small, every time you re-focus your attention to the present moment, every time you choose to embody your truth, even though you may not understand it, you realign potently with your I AM presence and more clearly hone the divine lines of communication that have always been present.

You begin to experience yourself as unapologetically, fully, divinely, potently, Source in form.

In Love, With Love, From Love,

Your Divine Team