Day 22:  Your Full Potential Found on the Path Least Taken (Excerpt From In Service to Love)

It is with delight we gather each day and communicate.  Even though you are not physically here at the keyboard in Darlene’s office, know the impact to you of these words begins in the immaculate Now moment at the divine spark of creation.  Because of your choice to be present in these conversations, there is no time between inception of these words and receipt by you.

With today’s development of the matrix, holding support and expansion of In Service to Love, there is an activation for your electrical system to enhance your abilities to receive, and integrate your knowing that exists in your light expression.  You may feel the energetic as it works in the background of your day and night.  We hold the space of support with ease and grace for all systems of your being.  As you choose, you may also come back to this writing at any time and know you are infused with this same energetic.  It is beyond time and space and will continually meet you where you are at.

The topic today is your divine light connection.  The point of connection between you in physical form and you as a being of light occurs in the immaculate Now moment, each time you are consciously aware of the expanded part of your being.  Each moment you look beyond the habits and expectations that have existed so strongly in your physical day-to-day living, you ignite your expansive expression into action.  As you begin to look newly at your environment and beliefs, you engage the fluidity of being, you engage the part of you that holds your highest knowing.  In each split second of questioning the long held and rigid beliefs that have been your source of creation in the past, the divine spark is present in potential.  This process may best be described as developing new neural pathways.  In the automatic, habitual way of being that exists in living, there are neural pathways that are well worn.  By bringing presence to your day, your habits, your beliefs, and your choices, you open new possibilities that are not available when you live automatically.  Like moving through the high grass of a meadow, the more a trail is traversed, a groove is created.  In the well-worn trail there is less resistance.  You look out in the expanse of the meadow before you and you see the path clearly.  Your awareness moves to the path that is worn first and the open space around it moves to the background.  Each pathway not yet trodden upon is a potential.

It is human nature to move your attention to the path that is already created, as in your habits and assertions.  What happens when you begin to think about potential that lies beyond the path that is already worn?  You engage the divine spark of potential.  As there is more ease in traveling a path that is already “cut-out” for you, it takes something to forge potential.  And each time you do, you spark potential.  As the pathway to your divine spark of creation becomes more familiar, it now becomes a viable choice.  When you are living from habit, the manifest of potential is not possible.  As you explore the path of “no path,” you engage the divine spark of potential.  Within this way of engaging with your being, you are integrating your larger knowing with your daily physical reality.  As you choose the path least taken, you engage possibility available within your potential and your choices, intention and highest expression are aligned.  You engage your light expression at the divine spark of potential.

Understand that you can be conscious that there is more to reality than what “meets the eye” so to speak, but continually choose to make choices from the old play book of habit and reflexes, because of the familiarity and comfort there.  Even though you know there is more “out there” doesn’t mean you access it.  Again, it takes something to break through the ease of habit to move to the vast expanse of potential.  In each moment of choice that lies before you, when you question other ways, other possibilities and larger perspectives, you engage the system that is a part of you that connects with the divine spark of potential.  As your attachment to “the way things are” in your physical realm is viewed beyond a scripted way of being, your emotional attachment to the rigid way of thinking will become fluid.  Instead of answering immediately to a question or issue out of habit, you will bring all of you to bear in consideration of the issue and instead of a reaction, you will experience a response as one that arises naturally and easily from your center.   You will experience more of the internal calm, even in a hurricane of emotion.  If you find yourself in the chaos of a particular issue, breathe, call parts of you to be fully present Now.  Then make a new choice that is directed by your inner knowing.  That is the ultimate expression of authenticity.

Day 77:  Sacred Stillness and Illumined Action (Excerpt from In Service to Love)

The greatest art of being, is sacred stillness.

As the reach into the light of your being extends farther into the higher frequencies of your essence, the ability to navigate the stillness is paramount.  We have spoken at length of the natural movement and curiosity of the human mind.  The mind’s incessant motion moves you beyond the moment, to the future, and swings to the past bringing baggage into the clear waters of the present.  If you can imagine spokes of a wheel.  They originate at the center and extend to the outer rim of the wheel.  The space between the spokes at the outer rim is greater than the space between the spokes at the center.  As this applies to your mind’s activity, the farther afield your attention moves from your center, your presence becomes diffuse and the easier it is to lose stability in your navigation of your light expression.  The touchstones for relative movement are finer and finer as you move farther away from your center point.  The ability for stillness is paramount.  You have noticed as you sit still in meditation, it is your thoughts that flood in, as an insistent barrage demanding attention.  The immediate reflex is to remove the thoughts.  We would suggest you consider a new tactic.  Consider being still “between the thoughts.”   As you focus on the space, your pathway between the thoughts, you will no longer feel pulled.  Like a raven is drawn to shiny objects, your mind will always provide distraction.  From the perspective of unity consciousness (as opposed to separation consciousness) your core strategies shift.  You find a redirecting of awareness from getting rid of your thoughts to allowing them to be, and choosing instead to direct your awareness elsewhere.  Visualize your thoughts as raindrops of a spring shower.  Their gift to nurturing life is appreciated and you may navigate around them without getting wet.

There is a particular quality of your being that is called forth within the ability of sacred stillness.  It is the knowing of your expansive nature combined with your ability to focus.  In the acknowledgement of your authentic expression, there is no task that is beyond your ability.  It truly is a practice that supports your mastery of conscious movement within the realm of light you possess.  Remember the unique quality of this work is the fact you are bringing in more of the light you are, while you are in form.  If you were in light this is not a conversation we would be having.  Development of mastery is the challenge, this is the game, this is the opportunity at hand.  The farther afield you move within your light expression, the ability to focus softly and reliably is valuable.  Your awareness develops a keen, sharp clarity and ability to distinguish one frequency from another, one state of being from the other.  You are learning to play the keys of your being at the other end of the keyboard to express the totality of your nature.

Today, we would like to introduce the quality of illumined action.  Consider illumined action as the action that is required to  experience the light expression of you while you are in form.  So from the perspective of sacred stillness, the illumined action would be the action of practicing the focusing amidst the movement of your thoughts.  Illumined action is the developing of the awareness of being still through the presence of movement.  Visualize the experience of being in the flow of a river.  You may experience stillness even though you are in an environment of motion.  As you get used to the feeling of movement around you , you are one with the river and yet hold the integrity of the whole of you.  In navigating the ethereal spaces available to you, the art of illumined action goes hand in hand with sacred stillness.  Illumined action points to the practices you develop from the perspective of form, because you are in form now.  There are new techniques, new awareness to gain in order to integrate the full light expression that is you.  These are not new concepts.  These have been taught in the mystery schools over the millenia.  If you are reading these words you already hold an ability or facility of movement in light.  We are speaking of integrating the awareness in light to your experience in the physical.  This is a way of hooking up , so to speak the highway of light for you from the space you are in right now to the farthest reaches in light that you inhabit.

The practice of stillness is one that moves you to the present moment.  The present moment is the most fertile, potential laden space you may occupy.  Learning how to navigate the fine edge of the experience of stillness is greatly rewarding.  Where does your inspiration come from?  Where is your joy?  Where is Love?  It all resides in the immaculate now moment.  We invite you to develop the art of residing in the now moment through sacred stillness and illumined action.