Divine Light Council - February Valentines Day

February 2016 – A Message From The Divine Light Council

Valentines Day. 2-14-16 Shall we speak of love?

When you first incarnated into this human experience you brought with you the knowing of love in its purest state. On this day of love it is appropriate for us to speak of love.  There is a view of love from the human expression that does not quite capture the magnitude of what love is in its totality.   There are times when love is captured, when the emotion is evoked. For example the writing of love letters to partners together over decades. The essence of their love is carried on the trails of the ink that is on the paper. Love is not necessarily in the love making, but in the mists of recognition that brought the two together in the first place. Love is timeless. The magnificence of love is seen in the eyes of a newborn child, where your own true nature is reflected.  Love is seen in the magnificence of nature.  Love is seen in the selfless expression of kindness and generosity. Love is seen in a smile.  Love is seen in the golden glow of a sunrise reflecting diamonds on the water. As creations of love, divine love is our true nature.

The expression of love that you are, is so far away from your experience most of the time.  It is easy to be disappointed when you look to your environment for love as opposed to the essence of your Self.  As you remember who you are as a divine being of light here on earth, you allow the possibility to exist to remember your essential self.  As you remember your divinity, you return to the experience of the essence of love that you are at your core.  As the glow of the sun exists after the sun set.  As the moon still shines in the early morning, there are places where love may be found.  Look with new eyes for the love around you to know more of the love that you are.  Not just the love of the human experience, but the love of the divine experience.  A glimpse of love may seen from the perspective of where it has been.  Love is the magic dust that washes over us all.  We invite you to look for the expansive expression of love that is you. Follow the resonance of love to your Source.  Look for the expansive expression of love that is around you.  What if you were to view your life from the most expansive expression of love you may reach?  What if you went to your inner frontier looking for love?  When you hold a limited view of love it is like going to the beach at sunset and picking up the pieces of coal when what also lays at your feet are the shimmering shells of gold and the dazzling riches of an infinite universe.  Look for the good stuff.  Love creates love.  We invite you to be the love that you are.  We invite you to look for it in all you do. As you invite a new perspective to you, you will find it.  Look beyond what you know.  Look to what you remember.

What if your new view of love was far beyond what you have ever experienced here on earth?  What if love was your true nature and as you saw the love around you the strings of your heart are gently plucked to return you to the resonance of you. Like fine tuning an instrument to its highest potential, we invite you to seek out the greatest expression of love around you.  Seek the highest frequency that is you.  Be the love that is at your essence and watch what happens.

The face of God is all around you. A reflection of you. As you look at your environment with new eyes you begin to see what has always been there for you.  Instead of replaying what you have always done; instead of looking with expectation, open your eyes to a new terrain. Hold a sense of discovery.  What becomes obvious is the expansiveness of the true nature of you. What we would wish for you is the exploration of your lifetime, to discover your capacity of love, your origin of love, your expression of love.
Love Meditation

Love Meditation:

Imagine yourself in an opalescent white, golden, glow of light and brilliance.  Gently and easily, allow the tension within your body and mind to wash away.  Your internal chatter softens.  Be still.  Be still.  Within this light you are held in warmth…peace… grace…beauty and unconditional love everlasting.  Allow yourself to be rocked, like the floating on the soft, gentle waves of the ocean.  Feel all your perceived boundaries fall away as you return to the most expansive part of who you are at your essence.  Feel the memories of knowing wash over you like the warmth of the sun’s rays.  Bask in the embrace of love; the memory of oneness.  You are All.  Beyond experiencing love, you ARE love.

With Love in the All,
Darlene and The Divine Light Council