April 2016 – Notes From the Light

You ask of drama?

When the inner experience is one of chaos; likened to the pendulum swinging wildly from one side then the other, the external experience must follow. The life of chaos is an outer reflection of an inner reality. On one hand the chaos may feel familiar, because it is a pattern, however the pattern may be altered at any moment by choosing something else. As the one in the middle of the chaos is looking for relief, a powerful exercise is to visualize the pendulum within them swinging slower and slower until it comes to the still point. The still point is that space the pendulum passes through on each swing. The extremes on either side reflect the level of chaos and the center is the space of clarity in connection. Utilized in many healing modalities, the concept of stillpoint is valuable. The still point is that point that is neither right or left, neither right or wrong, neither yin or yang, neither heads or tails. It is that point of stillness that contains the all. It is the state that contains right and left, right and wrong, yin and yang, heads and tails. ALL possibilities are present within still point. Deepest connection with your highest self may be made from this space. In the din of chaos, the calm voice of your higher self is often harder to hear. Meditate on the stillpoint within, then the stillpoint without will become apparent as well. The evaluating of the reasons for the chaos are not helpful in this paradigm. Holding the space from this now immaculate moment is the most powerful creative moment possible. Within the now moment is the peace you seek, the freedom of the universes and the heart centered connection is crystal clear. Like stripping the chaffe from the wheat, the past drops, the future drops and what is left is the divine creative spark of NOW.

YOU are Source in form. And then what?

You Are Right! And so are they! We all create our reality from our unique perspective. Like looking at the same elephant from different angles, we are convinced our view is reality. A new powerful perspective could be backing up and viewing the whole jungle, the whole country, the whole planet, the universe. From viewing one drop of water under a microscope, see the all the oceans in their magnificence and variety. Each perspective holds truth.

The time you have been waiting for is here now! There has been much discussion about the arrival of the New Age and preparing for a time to come when the consciousness is shifted. That time is now. You are in the golden age of evolution where the return to your divine knowing is more easily accessible. You are in the space of Unity consciousness. Your experience of separation consciousness is only an echo of a past era.