April 2016 – A Message From The Divine Light Council

The first concept we have this month is about experiencing the natural flow of the universe. In a 3D reality, with the experience of fear and separation consciousness, there is a natural holding on. The experience of holding on has as its essence, fear and survival. It is deeply rooted in survival. The holding on is of things, literally, or of ideas, ways of being, habits, patterns, viewpoints, values, experiences of the past. This is a perspective common in separation consciousness where the inner dialogue is “What I need to survive is limited and I need to protect my resources.”

From a unity consciousness and multidimensional perspective you have in every moment that which you seek. So, the suggestion is to consider taking a step back in your perspective. The discordant energy you experience now is not as much from the individual experiences during your day but instead from a holding on, a rigidity in thought. The holding on is outside the smooth flow of the universe, and that is the source of the discordant energy. You are going upstream. The insistence in holding on is a reflex connected to survival. Your freedom is available in the moment you choose to consider a new powerful perspective. As you take on the idea of creating newly, you set into motion the creative wheels of the
universe, (that are always working according to your request by the way) but you redirect the creation to be in alignment with your highest expression. You choose powerfully, and consciously.

The holding on of past ideas and concepts, previously comforting, is now a weight that is discordant in resonance with what is possible. The experience of holding on is an attempt to develop a level of security. The security of course is false. There is much to be gained in dropping these patterns. Just drop them!. “Drop it like its Hot!”. You must drop the patterns of the old separation consciousness. They are not a frequency match for the expansive multidimensional experience you are choosing for yourself. Now the new paradigm is to flow into alignment. So we use the analogy of inhalation and exhalation. The holding on of things, thoughts, ideas, old paradigms is the experience of inhalation. Do you see how only inhaling is not in alignment with universal energies? Every inhalation is followed by an exhalation, tides ebb AND flow. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So, in the letting go of the old ways of being, there is an exhalation that is finally experienced and the sense of freedom, ease and safety is now possible. So the question for you is what can you let go of? What do you collect? A beautiful exercise is one of each day setting the intention of consciously inhaling and exhaling, with the emphasis on exhaling; I choose love, I release fear. I choose freedom, I release old perspectives that have held me. I choose to be in alignment with my highest divine design, I release the thoughts that are reactive, I choose clarity, I release the experience of overwhelm. And so on. It allows for a deep divine sigh of relief and a return to center. In the space of center, new inspiration is abundant and new possibilities are seen in each now moment.

In this same vein is the concept of forgiveness. The holding on or harboring of hard feelings, grudges, resentments, betrayals is the experience of only inhaling. It is energy that is one direction. The experience of held pain is sometimes a place to stay as comfort, a soothing blanket. When it not only holds you in a victimization, it continues to reinforce a sense of “I am so injured, I will not be able to move beyond this experience,” “He, she, they, must pay for what they did.” The experience is almost one of loyalty, that if I drop the experience of having been betrayed, victimized, I am somehow giving permission to the original incident. Although the stories and events are true, the holding on becomes a myopic experience over time and reduces the sense of possibilities. NO event is larger than you. You are so great, there is nothing that may not be overcome as you choose to create masterfully, utilizing all the colors of the universe in your creation. As you release the resentments and consider them a clean slate, or more neutral, for you, you heal by being once again in the flow of the universe on those topics and again the deep exhalation is experienced, opening a new world of possibilities. A return to the state of freedom and connection that is your deepest desire occurs in the letting go.

With Love from the ALL,
The Divine Light Council