Your Personal Journey

If you are ready to answer the whispers of your soul,
I am a stand for your remembering.

~ Darlene

You know there is more.
Doing the same thing doesn’t work anymore.
You are ready to be the best version of you.
Now it’s time to listen to the calling of your soul.

Your journey to awakening is taking place whether you are aware of it or not. The difference is the perspective from which you choose to witness the accounts of your life. It may feel at times as though there is something wrong or something missing. The work with Darlene and the Divine Light council invites you to move beyond the world of known to your unique expression remembered.

In all circumstances, whether perceived as good or bad, there is always a new perspective that is available. If you so choose, the new perspective can open up a universe of possibilities not previously seen. In so doing, invite the greatest part of you to be conscious in your life as you choose powerfully from your deepest soulful expression.

This is the work.

Often a perspective shift away. We invite you gain clarity of the next steps in your beautifully unique journey to remembering your greatness.

Live Your Soul’s Vision

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