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Express your essential self.
Manifest the deepest calling of your soul.
This NOW moment is as good as any.
The keys to remembering your authentic expression are as close to you as your breath.  When you are ready, often the spark of transformation exists in one perspective shift.

~The Divine Light Council

Live your soul’s vision

We invite you to gain clarity of the next steps in your beautifully unique journey to remembering your greatness.

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Fill out the questionnaire below and send it to me.  It gives me an idea of where you are and how what I do, can best meet your needs.  Once you return the form, I will contact you by email. From there, we can set up a conversation.  There are a variety of processes to support you:

  • Breakthrough Strategy Session:  a 45 minute high frequency conversation designed to make a difference.
  • 4-Week Collaborative Intensive:  4 weekly, 20 minute conversations, 4 letters from the Divine Light Council.  This work takes place in a high frequency energetic envelope set for 4 weeks.
  • One-on-One Focus:  1/2 day collaborative conversation taking place within a high frequency envelope.
  • Writing to You From The Divine Light Council:  A transmission with you as the focus.

Your request will be confirmed when you are contacted and a date and time are scheduled. Please click the button below to pay for your session via PayPal.

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