About The Work

A Letter to You From The Divine Light Council

About The Work

This journey is to the infinite expression of you. Your divinity and your innate brilliance then is the constant consciously in your life. You not only understand that who you are is Source in physical form, you move in your day from that perspective. Your innate brilliance is moving in your highest and best interest each and every moment. You live from your wholeness and nothing else will do. As you choose to discard those encumbrances that are no longer who you thought you were, you have the brilliant opportunity to remember all of who you are. You come face to face with YOU. Step into the space of your divinity powerfully within this work. Wherever you are in your journey is perfection. We meet you where you are at. All is possible within this journey to your divinity as you caress the space of wholeness and your infinite connection. What seems to have been impossible within your world is now amazingly possible. There truly are no barriers. It is not about what you are creating for you may create whatever you choose and you do. It is more potent to consider the space from which you are creating and that is where we begin.

We support you in seeing your greatness and support you with a high frequency environment that allows your own unique brilliance to shine more easily. The experience is one of feeling at home. It is a feeling of you. Nothing outside of you is added. It is a gentle revealing of you to you. The journey to you has as symptoms, joy, love, freedom, beauty, abundance, peace and a soul full connection to you. It is often described as a returning home. It is a feeling so deep you walk in the environment of love each day, and the spaces you move to in your world are transformed from the high frequency you authentically carry. Synchronicity becomes your beacon. It is a journey of the return to your divine brilliance, taking off the coverings to your light and allowing your unique divine expression to shine consciously in your world. It used to be thought that a life lived from this perspective was not available to everyone, that you had to suffer and spend lifetimes in meditation. That was then. It is now a different time. You are here at this time of evolution where the veil is thin. Consider you chose to be here at this time of the shift of consciousness for a purpose. The shift is from separation consciousness to unity consciousness. We are here to remind you, YOU are the divine. When you operate moment to moment in your day from that perspective what is possible is no less than magic, for you truly are the space where heaven and earth meet. The shift in consciousness is a perspective shift. Watch as you come on this magical journey guided by your divinity and supported with the rich environment of these teachings, you will remember your greatness and bring all of you to bear within the day.

What we offer is a bridge between where you are now in your divine expression to the full out expression of you, as you so choose. If you have had the feeling of a something missing, a restlessness of knowing there was more, feeling that what you have always done in your life is no longer working. If you are feeling a lack of empowerment, or if you are looking for the deepest of your soul’s desires at that edge of the unknown, we will meet you there. If you are moved by the soft whispers of something more we hear you, we are here in answer to your call. We celebrate as each spark of your memory returns to the realization of your greatness.

In celebration of your brilliance, from the All,
Darlene Green and The Divine Light Council