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In Service to Love Book 1: Love Remembered, Now Available!

IN SERVICE TO LOVE BOOK 1: LOVE REMEMBERED, A Dynamic Experience of Consciousness, Transformation and Enlightenment. 

I am so pleased to announce In Service to Love Book 1: Love Remembered is now available! Look on Amazon to order your copy now.

In Service to Love is an extensive body of work that will be published in 3 Books, each of 122 days of entries:


In Service to Love Book 1: Love Remembered, Available on Amazon Now!


In Service to Love Book 2: Love Elevated, Available in 2020 


In Service to Love Book 3: Love Now, Available in 2020

As Darlene scribes each day, you too are met by the Council of Light. As each day’s message is placed before you for consideration you are invited to a new perspective that releases the burden of the density of your humanity and invites the wisdom of your divine nature.

The high frequency messages from The Council of Light offer clarity as you discover the potency of your true nature and release who you are not.  The work of In Service to Love contains high frequency messages, exercises, meditations, infusions and activations, all designed to elevate you in your unique journey of consciousness, transformation and enlightenment.

The Agreement

December of 2017, I was invited to be sit with the Masters each day for one year and one day as scribe, student and member of the Council of Light.  The result is an extensive body of work available in the three books of  In Service to Love.

In Service to Love is a offers foundational concepts, fine frequency, light infusions, and activations that guide the reader through their own unique  process led by resonance. Enlightenment is made clear as the aligning of our human nature with our divine nature.  As we consider enlightenment as a natural evolutionary process, we anchor new and broader perspectives that align us with our  I AM Self. Informed by our divine nature we may live our best life beyond limitations perceived by our human nature.  What could be possible as you live the intention of your soul? What if you knew your soul’s purpose?

About the Council of Light

The Council of Light is comprised of Masters. The voices of Jesus,  Mary Magdalene, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Michael, Buddha, Melchizadek, Isis, Gaia, The Grandmothers, The Grandfathers , The Elohim, and more may be heard. The contributors each day shift depending upon the topic. The unifying thread of all of the Masters is the message of Love.  Who we are is Love, all there is, is Love.  The experience of Love is palpable in their message.  They remind us they are present here and Now and available in each moment to communicate in a world that yearns for truth.  They invite you to conversation.  They remind us all of our divine nature and we are honored “eye to eye, peer to peer, divine to divine.”  “When you begin to see yourself as Source in form, what is not possible?”  When we connect with our divine knowing, we have the opportunity to bring greater clarity, vision, love, grace, beauty, abundance and wisdom to the moments of our life.  The moments of our life are then directed by our soul.

“We invite you to your highest expression.  You have asked for the return to Love and we respond.  We place upon the altar for your consideration an invitation to see your divine magnificence Now and bring that to bear in your day’s moments.  Not as an ideology or philosophy but as your divine essence expressed fully, beyond perceived limitations.  It is already who you are, not someone you become.  As you say “Yes,” we meet you.  Beloveds, do you hear the calling of your soul?  The Council of Light, March 15, 2019


“If you are drawn towards living the profound in your life, in the discovery of your divine truth, you are in the right place.

What becomes possible when you are living from the voice of your soul?”

When you, as the reader of this work say “Yes,” you too, are engaged at an elevated, high frequency level, that incorporates the presence of your own unique divine guidance connecting within the supportive energetic matrix of In Service to Love.


The high frequency messages, concepts, meditations and exercises of In Service to Love are available through group gatherings and web events with Darlene and the Council of Light as well as individual consultations. See Offerings and Schedule.


In Service to Love has a literary agent and publisher.  We are so excited about what is to come.  This is a match made in heaven.  Beautiful to watch everything unfold.

Group gatherings in Bellevue and Tacoma, WA will be suspended temporarily while focus is on the publishing of the work.

The next body of work has already started.   The main topic is around the global impact and responsibility of consciousness.

Excerpts and “Notes from the Light” are available on this website.

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“The footsteps we take with you within the matrix of In Service to Love, pave the way for a realigning with your greatest expression. When you are ready to shift your perspective, assuredly, new perspectives are available to be had. With each step towards Love, you see more and more of the Love that has been waiting patiently within you, waiting for expression, waiting to be met. Waiting to be cherished.”
– Council of Light


The writings of In Service to Love,  have been distributed to a “limited” group of people. Their experience with the work is a testament to the potent creation and evolution of this divine collaboration.

“Thank you for bringing In Service to Love to Earth. I absolutely love being a participant. It has up leveled my conscious awareness and confidence in my true nature as a being of light experiencing life upon this planet.”

“Your dedication to partner with the divine is an extraordinary gift to me personally and a “mind blowing” gift to all of the multiverse.”

“In Service to Love is a powerful journey into spiritual expansion and high frequency living. Interacting with the daily transmissions is like dipping into a deep well of divine love, wisdom and bliss. Darlene Green is a masterful scribe and In Service to Love is a great gift to all of humanity.”

“I’m “only” on Day 103, but I’m loving this journey. It is SO amazing to me how the contemplation each day is exactly what I need, in exactly the place where I am. Truly Divine.”

“Thank you so much Darlene, for sharing In Service to Love with me. It is a profound road map of what is possible when we reach out to collaborate with both our human travelers and our cosmic travelers from a place of equanimity. With sincere gratitude and massive JOY in witnessing your enormous contribution with Love, on behalf of Love, in service to people longing to bring Love to every interaction, every conversation, every decision and every action.”

If you resonate with any of these statements, In Service to Love is available as a support to your divine expression made manifest.

  • I am seeking my unique purpose.
  • I am on my path of expanding awareness and am looking for clarity with my next steps.
  • I feel a resonance with this work and want to know more.
  • I am looking for an empowering shift in perspective.
  • I feel stuck in my process of expanding consciousness.
  • I choose to have the joy, abundance, peace, freedom that is mine to be do and have.
  • I know there is “more” and don’t know where to look.
  • I would like to hear the whispers of my own soul’s voice and honor my path.
  • I choose to be the contribution I came here to be.
  • I have a deep sense of “the time is now.”
  • I know I am Source in form. I choose to align with my divine design.

We Invite You to In Service to Love

Connecting with In Service to Love is available through Introductions to In Service to Love, one on one consultation calls and group experience workshops currently being scheduled.

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