The Divine Remembering

The Divine Remembering; Awakening to Your Soul’s Light

By Darlene Green

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The Divine Remembering; Awakening to Your Soul’s Light is  a book written in collaboration with the Divine Light Council.  It is in process now.
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About the Author

Darlene GreenIn 1998 I was awakened in the middle of the night by voices, clearly heard only by me, that repeated, “go to the computer, go to the computer”. In spite of my bleary eyed resistance, the refrain was clear. So, I went to the computer and wrote for about 20 minutes straight. In the morning I read the words. They were the outline of a course called “Living Consciously”. I expanded on the thoughts and concepts easily and thus I had my first experience of writing in collaboration with The Divine. I held the 6 week class in my living room.

That was a primer. Profound and synchronistic events have crafted my life in beautiful, awe inspiring and downright dramatic ways, to this NOW moment.

I found my deepest soul calling. The result is transmission of words and concepts that hold a high frequency. If you are ready, if you so choose, if you are called, the words are intended to create an environment that supports YOUR remembering. Inherent are frequencies that are codes to unlock your knowing. A clue you left for yourself to find at this time in your evolution. You are not here by accident.
It is the deepest honor to support your remembering.

With delight and gratitude for what it takes to answer your deepest soul’s calling,
~ Darlene


The Divine Remembering book coverThe path of the divine remembering is an awakening to your soul’s light.

The path of the divine remembering will gradually unveil the brilliance of your Self. The divine light that is you will be able to shine unencumbered.  It is the process of more and more experiencing your soul’s light. As the restrictions to the experience of who you are at your greatest diminish, a new consciousness is birthed. It is a divine remembering that leads you to the full out expression of you as a divine being expressing full out that which is the essence of who you are.  You are a divine creation, a divine being, a divine expression of Source.  Who you are  is Source in form.  Within the experience of being in form at this time there is the opportunity to integrate all of who you are as a divine light being into full expression. This is a part of the evolutionary process of the planet and who you are as a divine being of light. The purpose of this writing is to allow an environment to be present for you, that will awaken you to you.  It is divinely and uniquely your expression.  In the process, what is available is no less than the remembering of who you are at your essential self, before physical form, beyond personality, beyond ego beyond physical experience. Within that space the shining of your soul’s light is truly available unhindered, unrestricted in divine flow with all that there is.  What that means in a physical incarnation at this time on this jeweled planet earth is you have the opportunity to shine the brilliance of you.  To have the brilliance of you present in an unhindered way is your birthright.  As a divine being of light there is connection with the joy and with the peace and the abundance and full out individual expression that is you and only you.  What becomes available is the revealing of your unique soul expression, the revealing of your deepest desires at a soul level and then the opportunity to, as you choose, create the intention and create the actions to fulfill that expression.

This is a journey that only you can make.

The external consensus that was a point of guidance in the past now is transformed into the internal consensus process, connecting with the greatest part of you. You claim all that you are and become adept at creating consciously in your environment from that standpoint.  Inner reference is the new source of determination of next steps taken in life. The external world reflects the space of the miraculous, lighting up your next steps.  You are moved by inspiration, you are moved by knowing.  The divine remembering is a process that moves you from here to there. The journey is one of magnificence, revealing divinity at every turn.  As you claim your signature energy by choosing to be all that you are at the level of your divine design, you create the way in which to get there. A new way of being in the world has the opportunity to rise to the surface of your experience.  You see the world around you with the eyes of beauty and compassion acknowledging that everyone around you is on the same journey. The path is wide and varied, the expressions are infinite.

On the path of the divine remembering you will be bridging worlds.

In the process you will at times have a foot on the boat and a foot on the dock. The experience allows for you to choose again and again as you transition from one level of consciousness to the next.  Within this journey, you transition from the environment of separation consciousness to witnessing the experience of unity consciousness. Within the space of unity consciousness there are new worlds that are now available that were not possible within the space of separation consciousness. The frequency of unity consciousness will allow new experiences and new ways of thinking and new ways of being that were here to fore not available. It is a new time. It is a new space of timelessness. It is a space of eternal experience that is brought to the divine now moment. Your physicality is now your environment for divine expression. It is the space where you may choose to be all of who you are here and now. So, the interests expressed in your day to day living are changed, through your asking, through your intent and through your actions. This is a process and a time where you have the opportunity to awaken to the true essence of your divine self. In so doing, who you are as a light being can shine as brightly as is possible, as the restrictions to that expression are removed. It is a new play ground and a new opportunity that you came here to experience. The sense of joy is overflowing. The experience of love is so deep, you will be moved to tears in the remembering. The experience of abundance is overflowing. The experience of peace is overflowing. The experience of gratitude and appreciation is the space in which you now reside. Joy is the background to your days. Joy is multidimensional. Spaces of your understanding and awareness now come to light as you awaken to your expansiveness. You are no longer influenced by the frequencies of your environment because you are more adept at holding the highest frequency available to you. Less reactive within your environment, you choose your environment and expression from a space of authenticity. You become the space of the expression of your totality. This writing is intended to be an environment of frequency, light and consciousness that allows for you to reveal you to you.

It is the greatest of honor, to spark the memory of that which you have always known.

More of the divinity of you is available as you remember more of who you are and bring that to the forefront of your life.  What is available within the remembering is no less than your birthright.  Who you are is joy, who you are is abundance, who you are is peace, who you are is freedom.  Within this process is the return to unity consciousness, the return to all that there is.  Your world becomes more of who you are and less of who you are not. There is a comfort that becomes present, like a returning home. The remembering is a knowing. So as you move through the most powerful now moments of your life you are able to choose powerfully. Your patterns are identified as what they are.  This space of knowing and recognizing creates more space for you to make choices, for you are now making choices from what is possible as opposed to what you have always done and what you have observed through through the lens of separation consciousness. The expansiveness of you is beautiful beyond description.