I look at the world around me from a new expansive perspective.  Joy, which has always been a natural expression for me now has more depth than I thought possible.  I am moved to tears often in the experience.  In a month long intensive Darlene held a high frequency  container for me and my shift in awareness was immediate.  My experiences of multidimensionality are astounding and at the same time, very natural.  I understand now that my perspective is a choice.  Previously, my thought was that the Divine was outside me and now, because of my experiences, I see clearly that we are all Divine.  My senses are heightened and my awareness is expanded.  Every day is an opportunity for joy.

~Deborah B., WA


The work that I have done with Darlene has completely transformed my life.  I am at peace for the first time ever!  Darlene and The Divine Light Council have guided me to an understanding of myself that I never even knew existed.  I am learning that my old way of being is no longer a fit and I am discovering a true expression of who I really am.  I am discovering ways to get out of my head and just be – the experience is really quite magical.  I find my days are easy and joy filled; no longer filled with stress and worry.  I am filled with gratitude and love and I now know there is so much more than what I see in this physical plane.  I am learning ways to connect with my divine team.  And I understand that I am never alone.  This is a powerful feeling.  I now know that I am on the path to true enlightenment and I am discovering the divinity in me.  I am so grateful to Darlene and The Divine Light Council, for this experience and I can’t wait for what happens next.

~Bonnie H., WA


Darlene, your light and warm energy has been a boon to my Self as a light being. Your beautiful presence constantly invites me to “come out and play”, and whenever I am with you, I know it is safe to do so. I am so grateful for the focused support you have given me over the past month. As a result, I know I am surrounded by Mary Magdalene and other light beings in force. Thank you for the space for me to step through the threshold into my powerfully summoning heart. There is lots of space, freedom and joy in here. I trust we will enjoy future collaborations, which I am looking so forward to.

~ Mary Elizabeth A., WA


I immediately felt comfortable, like I had known Darlene for a long time. I think one of the most touching moments was the acknowledgement of my journey. I know the journey is all about the attitude I choose to take. There’s no need to keep struggling. This path is about light, ease and great joy. I choose. It was a good reminder I am a spiritual being connected to the One of all of us. So, I tuck this experience into my heart and move forward. It was a wonderful experience. I would do it again.

~ Sheryl T., AZ